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What's Kosher

Lori's Earth Friendly Products carries over 12,000 items; many of them are Kosher. In fact, hundreds of the products we sell have some form of Rabbinic supervision.


A few of our favorite kosher manufacturers and products are listed here:

If you wish to search for a kosher product in a category (e.g., kosher candy):

  1. Click the ADVANCED SEARCH button at the top of the screen.
  2. In the "keywords" box, type the word: kosher
  3. Under "Limit to Category", select the category, e.g., Food And Beverage -> Candy And Chewing Gum.
  4. Click "SEARCH".


You can find the complete list of Kosher products here!


Note: This list is based on all items where the manufacturer has indicated an item is Kosher. We do not have information in the listing about who provides the Hechsher (Kosher certification) for every individual product. We highly recommend you check further if you are concerned about reliability.


Some health products carry Kosher symbols that may not be familiar to many Kosher consumers. We highly recommend checking them out using sources such as KosherQuest.org, the Star-K, or kashrut.com...or your local Rabbinical authority.